Train In, Adventure Out.

Our biggest goal for every member here at Manic is to train in to adventure out.  It’s an ideal we will always strive towards because we know it makes for a better life.  The “adventure out” part, it doesn’t stop just because snow is on the ground, the sun is down, or the temperature is below freezing.  Building the physical tools and mental toughness to find joy in the outdoors all year round is one of our goals. So, let us give you some ideas on how to better mentally and physically handle the winter.

Set a time and don’t deviate

In most cold weather places the weather can change really quick making changing your mind on an activity just as quick and easy.   Don’t. When the weather moves in stay the course.  Layer up. Throw on some goggles, gloves, and a hat.  As long as your safety isn’t compromised go and experience some tough and unique.  For every experience that challenges you you become a stronger person in every aspect of your life. What if we sought more difficult situations so when the real tough times came we could take them in stride?  Life would be much easier.  So, stay the course, stay on schedule and get out there.

But I don’t have the gear for that.

We are hardwired to find ways to stay comfortable.  It’s okay but we can push back.  Not having the perfect gear is different than having necessary gear.  It all goes to being ok with being uncomfortable.  Shorten the effort if you have to but get rid of excuses, all of them.  As long as your safety isn’t compromised, go for it.

I want someone to come with me.

Yeah, we all do.  It makes experiences much more fun when you can share them with people. If you are already a part of Manic, this won’t be an issue. It’s the most active and adventurous community you will ever find.  If you are having a hard time finding people outside of Manic try a couple of these ideas.  Go younger.  When your peer group seems to have softened up and won’t try new things, find some younger people that are still getting after it.  If you are training at Manic you’ll find that often the younger people are the only ones that have a chance keeping up with you anyway.  Join a legit group or club like the Colorado Mountain Club.  They have great programming and the people are all like you!

Other thoughts

The dark, cold, and crazy weather aren’t always fun but they will always teach you something so get out and change it up.  A summer day in the 70’s in the Colorado mountains is always amazing but if you haven’t experienced -5 in a snowstorm, it isn’t quite the same amazing.  It’s all about perspective and contrast so get out there and experience it all!  We’ll get you ready.