When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Creative

Now that second month of self-quarantine is well underway, we gym rats our missing our gym buds more than ever. Not to be deterred by mere social distancing as we continue to experience this unprecedented time, plenty of gyms have taken to online programming to keep members active without access to their usual workout spot. But Manic Training, your favorite gym in Highlands Ranch, has taken that a step—well more like a half-dozen steps—further. 

How to Hang Out With Your Gym Bros During a Pandemic

It started off with online workouts. But for the coaches at Manic Training in Highlands Ranch, that wasn’t enough. They craved interaction with their members just as much as members were missing the group contact that comes with group fitness. According to Manic owner and coach Pete Beuth: “At a time when other local gyms simply closed and laid off their coaches with no support or help, we aim to be the community leaders, to continue our business, to be able to pay our coaches, and to have a solid physical business to come back to when this blows over.”

And they’ve continued to do just that.

More Manic Than We’ve Ever Had Before

It’s true. Members in the good ole days—before social distancing was in place—typically hit up Manic Training for a workout three times a week. A mere three hours. Oh, how things have changed. 

It’s tough to keep a sense of community when we can’t be physically together. But Pete and the gang—coaches Scott, Mike, Julie, Karrie, and Allen—have figured out how to do just that. Here’s Manic’s current weekly lineup:

  • Weekday mornings: You can join one or more of the coaches for a Facebook live coffee chat to get the day going.
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am: The workout of the day goes live, courtesy of one of the coaches.
  • Tuesday and Thursday at 9am: Give your legs, shoulders, and any other aching body part a break with a live core-focused workout.
  • Wednesday night at 9pm: Put the kiddos to bed, then join Coach Scott and another coach as they interview a special guest. They will pose five questions to the guest—and not answering is not an option. Viewers are also invited to ask questions. 
  • Tuesday and Thursday, midday: Coach, former elementary school teacher, and mom of three boys, Karrie, holds “Karrie’s Kids Korner,” in which she and assorted children cook something fun and kid-friendly.
  • Tuesday and Thursday, evening: Coach Allen holds a stretch sesh so you can get rid of all those kinks.
  • Thursday, 7:30pm: Coach Pete hosts “Thirsty Thursday,” because yes—learning how to make some fantastic cocktails (Hello, margaritas! Hello, mudslides!) is another way of coping with quarantine. (The liquor stores are still open as an essential business!)
  • Friday night: Anyone can hop online and socialize with their fellow Manic members. Adult beverages are optional.

There’s more fun for the weekend:

  • Saturday morning: Since we are all housebound, we might as well tackle some of those honey-do lists. In each episode of “Handy Man-ic,” Coach Mike goes over a DIY project to help you accomplish something productive while you are at home.
  • Saturday, 5:30pm: Resident vegetarian Coach Julie is cooking up some yum each week that is plant- or meat-based, depending on your preference.
  • Sunday: With warmer weather upon us, Coach Pete and his green-thumb-blessed better half AnnaKate are taking us out into the garden. This is also timely as more and more people are interested in growing their own food after we’ve witnessed some scarcity in our own grocery stores.

But Wait—Isn’t Manic a Gym Community?

Here’s what Coach Pete has to say: “Sure. We are. But in this time of crisis, where daily life no longer exists as we once knew it, we are forced to create and thrive in a new normal. We know that Manic has been one of the main pillars of your weekly routine. Sure, we’re good at weight things and squat things and breathing things, but we’re also good at taking care of each other. We’re going to do everything in our power to make your weeks as “normal” as possible and hopefully create memories that will allow you to look back on these weeks or months with fondness. Not for the circumstances, but for the experiences we all had when pushed outside of our comfort zone, collectively.”

After all, we trained for this.

Looking for a Gym in Highlands Ranch?

The closures and the distancing will be behind us at some point. Manic Training in Highlands Ranch is wrapping up a huge expansion, and there will be more room and more options than ever before. Sadly, some local gyms won’t survive the pandemic. But Manic continues to thrive, and we hope to see you in our upgraded facility as soon as we reopen. (Sign up for a free week here!) Meanwhile, you can get to know us by liking our Facebook page