What’s the Story Behind “Train In to Adventure Out”?

If you’ve ever tried Manic Training, you already know there isn’t anything typical about this gym in Highlands Ranch (with other Colorado location in Fort Collins as well two in Rhode Island: East Greenwich and Wakefield). If you’ve never tried Manic Training, here’s what you should know about our philosophy and getting “ready for life.”

What Is Manic Training?

Manic Training program is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout developed to improve functional fitness. The programming is designed to increase strength, power, work capacity, and durability to tackle real world challenges through exercises of purposeful variety. Manic Training doesn’t just prepare you to excel at one sport: It prepares you to excel at any of them.

The sessions are intense and challenging to everyone on many levels. Manic Training brings programmed sessions into a hybrid style of training.

The strength and conditioning aspects of many sports have been aligned to bring challenging, beneficial workouts to our members. These sessions use full body workouts and compound movements utilizing free weights, medicine balls, sandbags, kettlebells, Airdyne bikes, rowers, SkiErgs, ropes, push sleds, and many bodyweight exercises. Three different workouts each week are presented, in many different formats, across all planes of motion.

Who Should Do Manic Training?

We can’t emphasize this enough: The Manic Training programming is designed for ANYONE and EVERYONE with the desire to better their health and lifestyle. Whether you are a teenager, a working mom or dad, or a retiree, and regardless of your fitness level, Manic Training is for you. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a bonafide couch potato, Manic Training is for you. The program can be modified as necessary so that you receive the maximum benefit from each and every workout.

The Manic goal is to program workouts that challenge and benefit every participant in all aspects of athleticism, to achieve long-term goals, and to improve fitness and health. Manic Training prepares you to feel better, to perform better, and to be stronger—from the core out!

What Else Does Manic Have to Offer?

Sure, our training is unique—our members will tell you there is nothing quite like a Manic workout. But we are also a community. From the camaraderie that is built during the workout when you are sweating with like-minded people, to the friendships that are created at a Dudes and Brews evening or a Ladies Night, we know how to have fun.

We are also a community of people who are committed to fostering a lifestyle of outdoor adventures and experiences. To that end, we socialize outdoors, and there are always organized group activities on the calendar, including hikes, runs, rides, SUP, and other outdoor mayhem for our race team, such as Ragnar and Spartan.

This where the “train in to adventure out” mantra comes into play. After all, it’s not all about what you can do in the gym but what you can do outside the gym for whatever life throws at you—whether it’s hauling in groceries from the car or hiking a fourteener.

We are vested to be a leader in training for LIFE! Join us at our gym in Highlands Ranch or any of our locations for a free week by signing up here.