We know people have a million reasons for training with us but the single reason we are driven to create such a positive and intense experience is to be able to enjoy more of the world when we aren’t in the gym. As a Colorado founded community we know that the work that gets done at Manic translates into more fulfilling experiences that the outdoors, sport, and life have to offer.

Train in to adventure so can…

Make it more enjoyable. Instead of looking at the ground because you are so gassed at the top of the mountain, imagine if you fitness kept you stronger longer. Imagine being able to take in all of the beauty around you without worrying about not being able to complete the task of afraid that you won’t be able to walk for the next week. Fitness doesn’t necessary make everything easy but it makes everything much easier!

Go farther and longer. One of the coolest things about being more fit for adventure is that you can do more with the same amount of time. Whether it’s paddling down the river or biking across the canyon, you’ll be able to see more. Having more experiences is having more life with your time.

Do it with the people you love. If you are a parent or if your peer group is younger. Even if you peer group is aging but staying in great shape, doing the things you love with the people you love will always be a driving force and the primary why for so many who workout at Manic. It’s not always about you, getting fit and taking care of yourself is for people who want you around just as much.

Why do you train?

Do you believe in our idea of what it means to be fit out of the gym?

We hope SO!