“Between 2005 and 2015 my blood work came back with fairly consistent numbers. My numbers were OK (not alarming enough to be told to do anything but consider some exercise and diet changes), but they weren’t great either. I didn’t go through another screening until June 2017 and was shocked at the changes that have occurred: Total cholesterol dropped from 215 to 177”

Tim Schumacher
Rugged Dad & Husband, Ex-College Football Player

“Going to Manic Training regularly is the best thing Ive done for myself. With two young kids, I’m typically the last person I take care of. Before Manic, my workout consisted of 30 minutes of cardio where I put in very little effort, often reading at the same time.”

Paula Bradley
Manic Athlete

What made you start a new workout routine? “My family is most important. I want to be able to walk a 4 mile walk with my kids. When I first started Manic, I would get short of breath extremely quickly, and I had trouble getting up and down off the floor, even just taking care of my kids. It’s not easy carrying an extra 70 lbs of body weight!”

Heidi Weinstein
Manic member – September 20, 2015 – Present

“My day-to-day lifestyle is fast paced, busy, and very active. From about 6am until 9pm I am on my feet all day, between working and volunteer firefighting. Prior to Manic Training, I had no set workout regimen; at most I would run short distance 1-2 times a week.”

Brian Kroll
Volunteer Firefighter