If you have been in Denver for a while, you know this already: It’s been a tough winter. Those of use who have lived on the Front Range for more than a few months have grown accustomed to lots of 50-degree sunny days in January and February, with a few days of 70 degrees tossed in for good measure. We may not be experiencing the polar vortex the Midwest and Northeast are experiencing, but that doesn’t make this any more difficult to take.

The cold and snow make it tough to get to the nearest gym in Highlands Ranch sometimes, but here are some tips for staying motivated for workouts when the weather is cold:

  • Try to put some variety into your workouts. If you lift weights as part of a routine, try to change it up a bit. If you are used to free weights, try to work out on some machines. Don’t blow off your usual workout structure—just try something new.
  • Work out with a friend. If you normally train alone and your resolve to get your workouts in is waning, partner with a friend to shake things up a bit. And if you’re smart, you’ll find a friend who is more experienced than you are, and you could learn a thing or two about techniques or workout variations.
  • Set a new goal. Whether it’s mastering the 5k run or doing 10 consecutive pull-ups or whatever your personal goal is, work toward it during these months.
  • Try out a new gym. You don’t need to leave behind your old gym but check out a new place as a guest or try a new group fitness class just to keep things interesting and fresh. (If you haven’t tried Manic Training yet, you can try it for a week for free!)
  • Challenge yourself by setting specific goals for each workout. Visualize yourself just plowing through your workout. Plan your reps and sets ahead of time, and get it done!
  • Take advantage of fitness events to help keep you motivated. Manic Training offers great ways to stay connected to the nearest gym in Highlands Ranch with some fun things to do with fellow fitness-minded people.
  • Think about how great you’ll feel when you’re done. Studies show that exercise can help boost your mood and even keep long-term depression at bay. Even a bad workout is better than no workout!

You can do this! Keep your training extra consistent during the winter because spring is just around the corner.

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