Gym in Highlands Ranch Launches Unique Operation in the Face of a Pandemic: We Trained for This

Anyone who has ever been to Manic Training in Highlands Ranch knows how diligent owner Pete Beuth and the rest of the coaches are about maintaining a clean gym. When the coronavirus started to make its way across the United States, Pete immediately went into hyper-clean mode, reformatting workouts to institute new protocols for disinfecting gym equipment.

Unfortunately, on March 16, 2020, Colorado Governor Jared Polis mandated that all gyms be closed to enforce “social distancing.” 

Undaunted, the Manic Training team pivoted immediately from an in-person gym to an online community that not only took members’ physical needs into consideration but their social and emotional needs as well. 

From In-Person to Online Gym Community in an Instant

Says Beuth: “While Manic Training’s physical location is closed, our business sure isn’t!” And he’s right. These are just some of the changes he and his team of coaches have instituted since the mandatory gym shutdown:

  • Immediately after getting the mandatory closure notice, online workouts requiring minimal equipment were posted on Facebook and sent to members via email.
  • “Manic’s Morning Joe” was launched on Facebook live each morning at 8am. These chats include one or more coaches who broadcast the day’s stories, talk about positive community news, look ahead to the morning workout, and provide any other updates as needed.
  • Live workouts are broadcast each morning at 9am.
  • Evening happy hours are held a couple times a week, either on Facebook Live or via Zoom, so members can connect. Coach Julie has also done some cooking broadcasts, and long-time Manic member Chris performed a concert.
  • The coaches give members weekend challenges to keep things fun, interesting, and little bit competitive.
  • Equipment rentals are available so members can borrow (free of charge) gym equipment.
  • Bike and rower rental—and delivery—is being offered for members for two days at a time. This is also free and includes pickup and delivery. Special workouts are being posted so recipients can get the best out of their rental window.

In Some Ways, It’s Still Business as Usual

The pandemic hit our Highlands Ranch gym community soon after construction began on a gym expansion, and work on that continues. At some point, self-isolation will be a thing of the past, and members will be able to work out in an expanded location. 

As Pete points out, “Many of our members spent three to four hours a week at the gym, but now many are spending even more time with us.” He and the coaches will continue to make every effort to keep things rolling under this new “normal,” recognizing perhaps that now more than ever members need structure, guidance, and social engagement. 

Manic’s online workouts are available to anyone—even nonmembers—and they can be accessed from the Manic Training Highlands Ranch Facebook page.

One of Manic’s taglines is that these unique group workouts get its members “ready for life.” This couldn’t be truer as the gym continues to adapt in this unprecedented time. A new tagline has emerged with all this change: “We trained for this.” Too true.