Manic Training Set to Expand Highlands Ranch Gym

Plenty of gyms in Highlands Ranch and the Denver area have come and gone in the past five years, but Manic Training continues to defy the odds as well as the competition. Manic Training is a core focused, endurance based program made up of a purposeful variety of exercises, that when executed in a safe, meaningful, and fun way, will make people of all athletic ability levels ready for anything that life can dish out.

In its current location on County Line Road and University Boulevard since August 12, 2015, Manic Training owner and trainer Pete Beuth is just about ready to start tearing down walls. The current facility, around 3,100 square feet, will be expanding into the empty space next door for a whopping 7,400 square feet of gym space.

With many of Manic’s popular classes over capacity several days a week, Beuth knew he had two choices: “I could look for a spot to open a second facility in the area, or I could expand the current location.” Likely Beuth knew the risk of opening a second facility given that many small businesses struggle to survive when taking that step, so he decided on the latter.

Construction is set to begin sometime in February 2020, and Beuth hopes to unveil the expanded gym in Highlands Ranch this summer. Classes will continue to operate as normal in the current facility while the new space is being constructed.

The expanded space will not only mean that Manic Training’s class size can increase to accommodate more people at a time, but there will be other benefits for members. The new space will add:

  • Two locker rooms, each equipped with two showers and rest rooms
  • A hot yoga studio with infra-red heat panels
  • New double-door entrance

Beuth also plans to add more classes, including options for entry-level athletes as well as those who are at the elite level.

Current Manic Training members are excited about the news, especially those who attend the 4am, 5am, and 6am classes, which are often waitlisted because of their popularity. Berta Cruz, who has been going to Manic Training Highlands Ranch since it opened its doors, says she is excited to have more class options—and she is particularly looking forward to hot yoga.

If you haven’t tried Manic Training, Beuth invites you to try a week of classes for free. Find out how Manic Training gets its members “ready for life” with unique group fitness workouts in Highlands Ranch, Fort Collins, and Steamboat Springs you won’t find anywhere else.