Manic Training—It’s Not Your Average Highlands Ranch Gym

New members of Manic Training quickly discover that this is one Highlands Ranch gym that stands out among others. There are plenty of reasons for this, and we’ve highlighted some of them below. For more details, check out the Manic Training Podcast: 5AM Traffic, Leaning, and Other Notes on Manic Culture.


Manic’s mantra has always been “train in to adventure out,” and if you are so inclined, there are plenty of outdoor activities in which to participate with your fellow Manic members. Check out the Facebook Manic Adventure group so you can keep abreast of what adventures are happening each week.

If you prefer indoor fun, Ladies Nights and Dudes and Brews are great social events that usually start with a workout and end with some adult beverages.

Manic Culture—Being On Time, Cleaning, and Leaning

Manic workouts always start on time—and they end on time. The coaches want you to get the benefit of a full 60-minute workout. And although they get it when life happens—traffic, kids, work, or whatever—and you stroll in a few minutes late, your coaches want to point out how this changes the dynamic of a class and can actually make it unsafe.

Manic’s 10-minute warmup is designed to loosen people up to prepare them for the intense work ahead. When people are late and miss four or five minutes of that warmup, this can be to their detriment. Manic runs for a full hour so members can get the most out of their money. 

Although there is plenty of chuckling over Manic’s reputation as “the cleanest gym in Denver,” there is a lot of truth to this. The coaches believe strongly that every class should get the same experience with a clean, organized gym. And everyone’s help is needed to make this a possibility. Wipe sweat off equipment with provided towels during your workout—and stay afterward to help put equipment back in its place.

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to be called out for “leaning” on a piece of equipment—and really, who hasn’t?!—the coaches are quick to point out that this is part of the Manic experience. It might be a natural inclination to lean when bodies are tired, but we all know your body can support your weight. And toughening up is something the coaches will always push. It’s part of the Manic workout.

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