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Welcome to Manic Training’s Highlands Ranch Gym & HIIT Workouts

About our Highlands Ranch HIIT workouts

A high intensity interval training workout comprises dynamic, challenging workouts, purposefully designed to challenge both body and mind.

Made to challenge the elite athlete and fitness newcomer alike, the structure of the workout allows for an infinite number of ways to challenge everybody equally, all while working out alongside one another in a supportive, high energy environment.

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Beyond the workouts, it’s our community of members that shape our very existence. Motivated, caring, like-minded people who are always up for a challenge in the great outdoors of Colorado, yet will never hesitate to step back and help those around them in any humanitarian endeavor.

At the end of the day, “it’s not what we can do in the gym that matters most, but what we can do outside the gym because of it.” Train IN, Adventure OUT. It’s a mantra to live by.

Introducing Highlands Ranch Hot YogaClasses

“Workout Today – Recover Tomorrow”

Developed for the Colorado outdoor enthusiast, Manic’s Lifestyle Yoga is a balanced, thoughtfully constructed program of yoga classes led by instructors as well-versed in outdoor adventures and ways of life, as they are in the yoga studio.

Our original, and enduring reason for instituting a yoga program was for the counter-balanced effects it will have on our training and overall wellness as it relates to our lives outside of the gym.

While we all love “getting after it” with our friends, pushing new limits, and breaking barriers, we have also come to realize that we need to protect and rejuvenate our bodies as well.

When it comes to our love of “Adventuring Out”, it doesn’t begin and end with our fitness from the gym, but it does with our happiness with our results out in the field.

Whether it be repeated days of backpacking, days of skiing with our kids, or taking on a next-level Spartan Race, a complement of fitness from Manic Training, and whole-body wellness from our yoga program will help you reap the rewards for years to come.


Join us for a complimentary workout class today! The best way to see if Manic Training is right for you is to join us for a workout. We’re a community, not a pushy gym so there’s never any pressure to join.

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