How Do Fitness Trackers Impact Fitness?

Activity trackers have been around for a decade, with early versions such as the original Fitbit worn clipped to the waist. They have come a long way since then, and their popularity has only increased as they have become more technologically advanced. Now many trackers, usually worn on the wrist, can make phone calls, send and receive texts, and much more.

If you take a look at Manic Training members at our Highlands Ranch gym, it seems that almost everyone has a Fitbit, Apple watch, or some other type of gadget on their wrist.

But what impact, if any, do fitness trackers have on your fitness? Let’s take a look.

#1—Fitness Trackers Can Motivate

Let’s face it: Many of us lead a pretty sedentary life. Not even a Fast Friday Manic Training workout can counteract the damage we might be doing to our bodies by spending most of our time sitting at the computer. (As “they” say, sitting is the new smoking.) Fitness trackers, however, can be set up to remind us to get up and move at regular intervals. Keeping track of your steps each day to reach that ubiquitous number of 10,000 is also a good thing.

#2—Fitness Trackers Can Help You Set Measurable Goals

If you’re coming off the couch into the fitness world, a fitness tracker can be a great way to help you set goals that are actually achievable. You may not be a top-notch athlete after a month, but you might hit 5,000 or 10,000 steps for the first time. This is a great way to establish good lifestyle habits.

#3—Fitness Trackers Can Help You Monitor Your Health

These days, many doctors are even recommending mobile health technology as a way to track resting heart rate, sleep cycles, calorie burn, and other data. Although trackers aren’t 100 percent accurate, they can detect trends that provide useful information to the wearer as well as medical professionals. (Some people even claim that activity trackers helped save their lives: Read here.)

If you are looking for more motivation to improve your fitness, bring yourself and your fitness tracker to Manic Training, your Highlands Ranch gym. In addition to Highlands Ranch, we also have locations in Fort Collins, and East Greenwich and Wakefield, RI. All offer a free week trial.