“The biggest hurdle is just going to your first class. Once you see you can get through one, the rest comes easy. They make it fun and it becomes your family.”

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“I started Manic Training only 6 months after having my second child and I was nervous! “Is this right for me? Can I keep up?” The coaches and community of members were extremely supportive and encouraging. They helped me through my first months while I learned the exercises and movements. I feel so much better, am stronger already, and getting stronger every month! I LOVE Manic!”Annie H.
“After spending two years at the local HRCA Rec Centers, I was tired of the crowds and getting very little accomplished. Enter Manic Training… I’ve been here almost 3 years, am stronger than ever, and every workout makes the most of my hour. Zero wasted time here, and the coaches are always willing to push you when you need it most. This is the best motivational program I’ve ever been a part of. I may not be the strongest in the room, but I’m getting there!” Jared K
“My husband and I both found Manic Training together after moving from California. After the stress of the move we needed a gym like the one we left behind in California. Luckily we found Manic! My stress levels are down, I’ve lost 12 pounds, and my husband has lost 16. Not to mention we get “couples therapy” as they affectionately call it at the gym, when we get to workout together. We both highly recommend Manic Training!”Jess M.
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Why Manic?

Manic is never a workout with just one discipline. Each workout consists of a variety of exercises that work various parts of the body in a multitude of ways. With an emphasis on core, cardio, strength and agility! This workout will make you “READY FOR LIFE.” High intensity interval training has been proven in studies to increase longevity rates, increase muscle gain, increase weight loss, and sharpen your mental acuity. For one hour, your mind is fully engaged with your body, living in the moment, training in the moment, as you pour all of your physical and mental focus towards the task at hand.

How is Manic Different?

Every Manic workout is different and focuses on the key components of fitness – strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Manic workouts incorporate functional movements across all planes of motion with weights and exercises appropriate to your individual ability. You will never be bored by fitness again!

Is Manic for me?

If you are seeking a safe, motivational workout, to be challenged and pushed past plateaus, with like-minded people striving to be in better shape to enjoy life to the fullest, then yes!

Why the FREE Trial?

Most people know after the first class if they’ll ever come back. We want to give you the opportunity to try one full week before having to commit.


Manic offers different classes for different goals

Sign up for your free trial and talk with a coach about your goals and come up with a workout schedule and the classes that are right for you!

Manic Training HIIT Workouts

Our traditional Manic Training classes are high-intensity, dynamic, powerful workouts, purposefully designed to challenge both body and mind simultaneously. The result? A challenging workout every time. Workout next to someone that has been a member for years and you’ll see they are getting the same intensity workout as you are getting.

Three always different full-body HIIT workouts each week deliver this essential workout program and always keep the mind and body engaged.


Manic Lift Classes

Lift classes give you a weekly series of three different functional strength based workouts designed to increase overall strength, power, explosiveness, and muscular resilience.

Lift classes are perfect for people getting back into fitness, or for those endurance athletes who already have a solid cardio foundation, but want focused strength training to balance out their fitness regimen.

Manic Hot Yoga Classes

Our Lifestyle Yoga gives you a balanced, thoughtfully constructed, program of yoga classes led by instructors as well-versed in outdoor adventures and ways of life, as they are in the yoga studio.

Take advantage of our yoga program to extend the effects of your training  and overall well being.


You deserve this. Sign up now. You’ve come this far, so don’t let this opportunity slip past you!

Our commitment to you

Walking into a new gym and fitness community can sometimes feel intimidating. Manic Training holds each and every coach and member accountable for ensuring the positive culture and ensuring everyone continues to grow.

At Manic, you can expect:

  • We start on time and end on time, this is your time and we make the most of it!
  • Our coaches and fellow members are here to make sure you succeed, we will all show you the Manic way! No man or women left behind!
  • We see your grit – You’re grittier than you think and we’ll help you discover your true potential!
  • We see your potential – Regardless of what you think you can do, we know you can improve and achieve the goals you want.
  • You will never get bored – You will always be challenged physically and mentally because you never know what’s coming next.
  • You’re part of the Manic Community – A fit life is better lived together.
  • Win on your terms – Celebrate your fitness progress through our busy calendar of DEKA competitions, Manic fitness challenges and community events.
  • Complete Flexibility – Choose the Manic classes and schedule that work best for you. All we ask is that you commit to three 1-hour workouts each week, inturn we are totally committed to you
  • No Pressure – There are no contracts required to workout at Manic Training, no mirrors, and no egos.

Be part of a positive fitness community

Beyond the workouts, it’s our community of members that shape our very existence.

Motivated, caring, like-minded people who are always up for a challenge in the great outdoors of Colorado, yet will never hesitate to step back and help those around them in any humanitarian endeavor.

At the end of the day, “it’s not what we can do in the gym that matters most, but what we can do outside the gym because of it.”


“Ready for Life” Whether you’re a new mom, or you sit a desk all day, a weekend outdoor warrior or a world class athlete, Manic can give you the edge you’re looking for!!


Join the Manic Training movement

Manic Training was originally created by a professional New Zealand rugby player, “Bushy” Muir, over a decade ago and born out of a desire to create the most powerful efficient athletes in the world. Not a bad foundation to build on, right?

Today, the spirit of Manic Training lives on and has evolved to provide people of all levels of fitness with the programming and commitment to help you live an amazing life and become the best version of yourself.

Whether your goal is tokeep up with your kids, be successful in business reach higher on your list of goals, enjoy how you look and feel, or to compete on your biggest stage, Manic Training will bring out your best. We promise and guarantee it!

Three classes per week, 60 minutes each is all you need to fortify your health and reclaim your fitness. Let’s do this!