How is Manic Training different?
At Manic there are NO egos, NO mirrors. We start on time, and end on time. This is your hour, time for you to workout with like minded individuals in a class environment. The beauty is in the programming, as someone new can work out side by side with a Manic regular and both will have an equally motivating and rewarding experience, all based on their own intensity level and amount of weight they choose to use. There are no direct competitions, as you challenge only yourself, all while being motivated by those working equally hard around you. Our Motto, “Ready For Life” speaks to our philosophy of “it’s not what you do in the gym that matters most, but what we can do outside the gym because of it!”
Is Manic for me?
YES! Manic is for folks that want to be challenged and challenge themselves to a motivational, fun workout with like minded people, with personal instructor type training while in a class environment. We pride ourselves on a great safety record and an ever-changing thoughtful program, to make the most of your workout. It truly is FOR YOU, one hour with no boss, no kids, no problems to solve, just a great workout to focus in on and get the most out of!
Why the Free Trial?
Time is valuable and changing your workout routine is not an easy task. We offer this free trial to be sure that Manic Training is an ideal fit for your personal fitness goals. Most people know after their first workout if Manic is right for them. Sign up now, do your free trial, and see what Manic Training can do for you and your lifestyle!
Manic uses HIIT (high intensity interval training), which has been found to increase muscle gain, accelerate weight loss through calories burned not only during the workout but in the extended caloric burn in the following 24 hours. It’s also known to increase longevity rates and strengthen your agility and mental focus through fast-twitch muscle use throughout the workout. In addition to the HIIT programming, Manic also uses traditional weight and body exercises resulting in a fun, motivational workout designed to maximize your class time with maximum benefits through hard work and mental focus. This is YOUR hour! See what “READY FOR LIFE” means to you!

Addtional FAQs

What is Manic Training?
Manic Training is a core-focused, endurance based high intensity interval training program developed to improve athleticism for people of all ability levels, by making them ready for anything that life throws at them. That is the meaning of READY FOR LIFE.
What type of experience can I expect to have at each Manic Training workout?
From the time you walk in, you are in a friendly community that welcomes people of all abilities. Every class starts on time and ends on time! You are expected to be on time, prepared, and ready to work alongside everybody else. All workouts have elements of strength, core, cardio, and agility training utilizing many variations of cross body movements, across all planes of motion.

Each workout consists of a dedicated 10 minute warm up, a 5 minute setup and instruction, and then a full 45 minute workout.

Manic Training workouts will significantly boost your caloric afterburn which aids in muscle recovery and weight loss.

Are modifications available for those with an injury, or for those that need more or less of a challenge?
All workouts are developed with the ability to modify the exercises and overall workout to reflect the needs of the individual. With virtually any injury/limitation that you may have, your trainer will provide a couple of optional modifications. For those that need more of a challenge at any given time, the trainer will provide an enhanced version of the exercise to challenge you as appropriate.
Is there a maximum or minimum age limit?
There is no maximum age limit, and in fact not only can you workout at Manic Training, but you SHOULD do it! Interval training has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to maintain and even increase bone density, as well as decreasing the incidence of slip and falls as we age.

Children 10-12 are welcome to workout with a parent/guardian, and teens 13 and over are permitted in general workouts without supervision.

Does Manic Training use Heart Rate Monitors?
The short answer is “NO”. Manic Training’s programming is designed so that the purpose and flow of the exercises will help to dictate your heart rate during the workout. While we are always working our hardest, certain exercises by design will increase your heart rate while other exercises will serve as a good “recovery” period while still working a different part of your body, thereby maximizing your time and efficiency in your workout. The distraction of looking at a TV screen will take away from “your hour”.
Can I use my own Heart Rate Monitor?
You certainly can! We encourage people to wear their fitness trackers, whether it be a chest strap heart rate monitor or a wrist-worn device. You can often get incredible metrics and insight into your workouts through these devices, however we encourage you to focus on the task at hand and share your “results” with others after the conclusion of the workout.
What does a class at Manic look like?
Welcome to our open-floor concept! You will be taken through a dedicated 10 minute warm up, followed by a 5 minute set up and instruction where everybody will help set up the workout in a community-oriented manner. Immediately following the instruction your workout will commence, for a period of approximately 42-45 minutes. Your instructor will be encouraging you and helping correct form when necessary. This is YOUR time! Get after it! Enjoy it! At the end of the hour everybody helps wipe down equipment, store it away neatly, and throw out a few high fives along the way. Now Manic is set up for the next class, to allow them to have the exact same experience that you just had!


Why no mirrors?
During your Manic workout, there is only time for you. There is never a need to be looking elsewhere, or for anybody else to be looking at you. No mirrors, No egos! During the workout your instructor is keeping a close eye on form and proper technique. With that, you will learn “body-awareness” without having to consult a mirror to see how your form looks.
What types of classes are offered?
We offer our full Manic Training program, which are 3 different hour long workouts per week. Manic 45 is a more condensed version of the hour long class, where sometimes certain movements get simplified, rep numbers are decreased, or work/rest intervals are modified slightly. This is a great class for people looking for a more moderate approach to their fitness routine, or for those with time constraints who just need to “get it done” quickly.

Additional classes are offered (varies by location) but may include “Manic spin”, various core workouts, and yoga stretch/recovery sessions.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?
The answer is a solid NO. There is a monthly auto-pay membership which provides a discount every month off of the cost of a standalone month at Manic Training. However, this auto-pay is not binding and can be canceled at any time. We simply request 48 hours to process your request. Bottom line, your experience will speak for itself, so we have no need to hold your money.
Should I eat before a workout?
A light meal or hearty snack with sufficient initial digestion time before a workout will usually suffice. Working out on an empty stomach is often ill-advised since it can lead to decreased productivity, lightheadedness, or a general feeling of lack of energy, all at a time when you want your energy and productivity to be maximized.
What should I eat after a Manic Training workout?
In general, proteins such as nuts, fish, and plant proteins provide an good initial source of protein for recovering muscles. Avoid most sugars immediately after the workout since sugars slow the production of HGH (human growth hormone) that helps repair and build lean muscle mass. After a couple of hours, complex sugars such as bananas, blueberries, or tart cherries are known to have post-workout recovery benefits.
**Consider consult a nutritionist to formulate a proper diet to meet your personal needs and goals.
Why is the Manic Training Community important?
The people that you workout with are also the people that you will end up socializing with over the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. These are the people that you will carpool your kids to school with, the ones you will go hiking and camping with, and the people that you will share all of life’s successes with.

When the day comes where you need some emotional support or other help in your life, it is the Manic Training community that will be at your side 100%. We look after our own, protect our own, and support our own through all of life’s trials and successes.
We have multiple veterans that workout at Manic Training, and each November we hold the Veterans Expeditions – Workout For Our Vets Fundraiser at a local park, often raising thousands of dollars for VeteransExpeditions.com

When a local police officer was killed in the line of duty, Manic Training and the surrounding community stepped up to host a donation based workout benefiting the local Fallen Officers Fund.

It’s the community, in these moments, that give true meaning to READY FOR LIFE!

Does the instructor yell at your during the class? I hate being yelled at!
NO! Yelling is never an acceptable form of training/coaching.  There are far more effective and personable ways to motivate people without ever having to yell or be “in their face”. Now, if someone is disrupting the class, or putting themselves or someone else in physical jeopardy……
Manic workouts are “non-competitive”, so what does that mean?
Manic Training workouts are designed specifically for you to challenge yourself without any pressure from others. All workouts, whether they are a “timed” workout, or a “repetition based” workout will take you nearly exactly until then end of the class time to complete. Ideally as you grow familiar with the program, using the proper heavy weights, your challenging height boxes, your appropriate pace on the cardio machines, it should take you the duration of the class time to finish the workout. There is no award for finishing first, and most times the person that finishes first is not necessarily the person working the hardest or pushing themselves the most.

While the workouts are non-competitive, we certainly encourage you to jump in next to your friends and throw down a challenge along the lines of “let’s go, we have one minute left, lets burn it up!” to get the most out of each other.

What are some of the other changes that Manic participants notice outside of the gym?
Many Manic Training participants develop an overall tendency to lead a healthier lifestyle (diet, exercise outside the gym, have more awareness of their bad habits, and tend to be able to regulate their stress levels and sometimes other medical metrics such as blood pressure and cholesterol).

On a day to day basis, many people notice a substantial increase in their core strength. Whether you are utilizing better posture at your work station, are able to carry your two kids at the same time, or are finding improvements in your other athletic endeavors, it is all in line with Manic Training’s “Ready For Life” mantra.