Fitness in Highlands Ranch During a Worldwide Pandemic: Dropping That Extra COVID “19”

In an ideal world, the forced coronavirus shutdown would have led to people taking the time for introspection and self-improvement. Many people found themselves unable to go to work because of closures. Others found themselves working from home for the first time, offering the ultimate in flexibility. 

The reality, of course, is that a lot of us don’t do well with uncertainty—and that’s the only certainty 2020 has brought with it. So instead of improving ourselves, some of us turned to food, alcohol, and Netflix binging for comfort. Then the gyms in Highlands Ranch and everywhere shut down, further impacting our inability to avoid unhealthy crutches. Perhaps we went on walks with our families to help alleviate boredom, but the truth is that there was plenty of couch surfing during the first several months of this worldwide pandemic. 

The realization that jeans are tight and fitness has stalled is hitting some people pretty hard. Perhaps the scale has revealed the true COVID-19—as in 19 pounds. 

So how to get started with good habits once again?

Hit Up Your Favorite Gym in Highlands Ranch

The good news is that Manic Training in Highlands Ranch is up and running. And given the expanded space—as well as a large parking lot—there are plenty of socially distant options available for everyone. 

We asked around the Manic community to see who would ‘fess up to completely eliminating fitness from their coronavirus lockdown—and we had two takers to our offer of a public shaming, er, to be featured in a blog post.

Branson, who typically went to Manic’s evening classes, fully intended keeping up with home workouts when the gyms closed down. He borrowed equipment generously offered by owner Peter Beuth—and for the first couple weeks, kept up with his good intentions. But then life happened, and he admits to missing about two-months’ straight of workouts. But he has been back at it since Manic’s reopening. He says he definitely lost fitness—but was able to rebuild pretty quickly once he started hitting classes regularly.

He says that he really missed the structure of the group classes—and other Manic members agree that even with challenging online workouts posted each day during lockdown, it just wasn’t the same. 

Stacia also found herself floundering without the encouragement of her favorite coaches, and she did a couple of home workouts initially—and then stopped altogether. Like Branson, she missed a full two months of workouts. “I am kind of lazy anyway,” she admits, “so it was easy to just stop working out.” Stacia also says she is competitive, and those stronger than her in class always pushed her to go harder and faster. Without that, she found it difficult to stay motivated.

She says it wasn’t too hard for her to get back into the swing of things once in-person classes started up again: “I loved how fit I was in March, before the world came crashing down.”

Hitting the Gym in the Middle of a Pandemic

Although we are well into what appears to be the first wave of the novel coronavirus, some life has returned to a semblance of normalcy. Unfortunately, many local gyms have closed their doors for good, unable to weather the financial storm of a two-month shutdown. Some people are not comfortable returning to a “big box” gym because of alleged over-crowding and under-cleaning. Others are still struggling to get back their good fitness habits, which went to the wayside because of stress-eating and skipping workouts.

Manic’s workouts are designed to allow for well-spaced stations so participants can use their own equipment for the duration of the class. Equipment is not shared, and there is plenty of disinfectant available to keep everything sanitized. Whenever possible, equipment is placed outdoors with a separate entrance and exit so members do not have to pass by one another. Industrial fans and open doors mean well-circulated air. To ensure small class sizes, there are plenty of times available on the schedule. 

Pete and the team are following all the guidelines in place to keep people safe and healthy—and to make sure the Manic community can keep “training in to adventure out.”

Get Rid of Those COVID Pounds

Get started with Manic by trying a week for FREE. Work out with like-minded individuals in a virus-safe environment. Get your fitness back—and get to know one of the greatest fitness communities around. And don’t forget your mask!