Strength in Numbers: How Accountability Increases Fitness Results

Strength in Numbers: How Accountability Increases Fitness Results

Strength in Numbers: How Accountability Increases Fitness Results

Do you want to make exercise more fun? Do you want to have better results from your workouts? Are you looking to get out of a rut? 

If your response is “yes” to any of those questions, you might want to consider getting yourself a fitness buddy—or better yet, a whole room full of fitness buddies. Having a support system is important for any kind of success—and that is true of your workouts as well. Particularly in the group fitness setting such as your gym in Highlands Ranch Manic Training, the “peer pressure” aspect provides a powerful combination of support, accountability, motivation—and even competition.

You’ll Work Harder

When you’re working out alone, it’s easy to skip reps or stop early. But when you are part of a group of individuals all working hard right next to you, you are motivated to keep going. Maybe you’ll grab that heavier kettlebell when you see someone else going for it. You might go harder and faster on the assault bike when your neighbour is kicking some serious butt.

You’ll Be More Motivated

Whether you’re jogging shoulder-to-shoulder with a group of runners or simply glancing across the fitness floor at familiar faces, there’s a strong motivation in the feeling that “we’re all in this together.” If you feel like you are running out of steam in a workout, you can count on empathy or encouragement from those around you to help you get through. A group promotes a feeling of community that is highly beneficial in any fitness journey.

You’ll Show Up More Often

When your fitness friends are expecting you at a workout, you are more likely to show up. 

A study in Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that the exercise habits of people you know have a positive influence on your exercise habits. Another study showed that married couples who joined gyms together had dropout rates of just over 6 percent—compared with a nearly 43 percent dropout rate of couples who did not go to the gym together.

You’ll Have More Success

When you go to the gym regularly and work hard, you will naturally have more success. You will probably see better results in the mirror—as well as in your strength and endurance.

Join the Manic Training community and see for yourself! Manic Training offers great ways to stay connected to the nearest gym in Highlands Ranch with some fun things to do with fellow fitness-minded people. Try out Manic Training for a week for free.


3 Tips to Improve Your Running Game

3 Tips to Improve Your Running Game


3 Tips to Improve Your Running Game

Given that Manic Training’s mantra is “train in to adventure out,” it should come as no surprise that there are several races on the schedule for many members of this gym in Highlands Ranch this fall. Whether you choose to take your running out on the trail (HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Half Marathon) or stick to the roadways (Denver Hot Chocolate 15K/5K), here are some tips to help move you toward some PRs (personal records) this fall.

#1—Tension Versus Relaxation

Running efficiently means balancing relaxion and tension throughout the body. It’s important to be in the right spot so you can avoid wasting precious energy on side movements. It also helps keep you feeling lighter while you’re running—rather than just stomping on the ground.

Work on the appropriate posture while running. If you’re like a lot of us, you work at a computer and desk all day. This is tough on our posture, leading to shoulders that are hunched and a back that is rounded. If you run like this, you’ll get tired sooner rather than later. Aim instead for a tall, slightly leaning forward position.

#2—The Arm Swing

Don’t discount the role your arms and upper body play in proper running form. When your arms are swinging correctly, your legs will move forward with less effort. Just try to run with your arms at your sides, and you’ll notice how much more difficult it is to run this way.

Pull your shoulder blades together, letting your arms swing freely. Keep elbows tucked in and bent at about 90 degrees. Keep arms relaxed and avoid clenching your fists.

#3—Fancy Footwork

Running is different from walking; when you walk, you contact the ground heel first. But if you do this while you are running, you’ll end up overstriding—which is essential a braking mechanism. When you run, the motion should begin similarly to if you were stepping over something. Bending your knee will ensure it functions more like a spring rather than a brake.

Join us at our gym in Highlands Ranch or any of our locations for a free week by signing up here. Manic Training has other Colorado locations in Steamboat and Fort Collins as well two in Rhode Island: East Greenwich and Wakefield. See you at the races!


Personal Training Versus Group Fitness: Is One Better Than the Other?

Personal Training Versus Group Fitness: Is One Better Than the Other?

Personal Training Versus Group Fitness: Is One Better Than the Other?

Children will be heading back to school soon, and that means there are plenty of parents who might have some kidless time on their hands. Many parents start exploring their options regarding personal trainers or group fitness in Highlands Ranch. We don’t lack for choices in the Highlands Ranch/Lone Tree/Centennial area, but the question is: Is one better than the other?

The simple answer is that the option you’ll stick with consistently is probably going to be the better choice. But there are pros and cons to both.

Personal Trainers

If you want to maximize the impact of your fitness efforts or if you are training for a specific event, a personal trainer might be right for you. But there are pros and cons.

The Good

  • Your personal trainer will design an exercise regimen appropriate to your current fitness level and your ultimate fitness goals.
  • You develop a relationship with your trainer that can make workouts fun if you fit well personality-wise.
  • One-on-one training can help you push your limits.

The Not-So-Good

  • It can be expensive. You’ll pay more for individualized training sessions than you will for a group fitness class. 
  • Personal trainers have all levels of training and skill—and some are underqualified. This can greatly impact your results.
  • A personal trainer can have ideals that differ drastically from your own, which can result in burnout—and maybe even giving up on fitness altogether.

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes abound in the Highlands Ranch area, and it really boils down to finding something you enjoy. As with all things, there are considerations.

The Good

  • Small groups can be great for accountability and motivation. It’s a lot easier to phone in a workout when you’re by yourself, but when you are working out with others, it will push you and keep you accountable.
  • It’s more affordable. 
  • You still get individualized help with a small group fitness class. At Manic Training, there is always a coach nearby to help with your form or to provide modifications of movements when necessary.
  • It can be easier to learn new things because you can watch others.
  • There is a camaraderie and socialization with group fitness, which can make working out more fun.

The Not-So-Good

  • If there are 20 people in a group fitness class, you won’t get the one-on-one attention you would get with a personal trainer.
  • You’ll have to schedule your workouts to match class times, which can sometimes be a challenge fitting in classes around work and family.


Wondering what is right for you? Why not try Manic Training? You can get a week for free. Find out how Manic Training gets its members “ready for life” with unique group fitness workouts in Highlands Ranch, Fort Collins, and Steamboat Springs you won’t find anywhere else. 


Manic Training Member’s Tough Decision Might Help Others

Manic Training Member’s Tough Decision Might Help Others

Manic Training Member’s Tough Decision Might Help Others

At Manic Training, we love the challenging workouts—or maybe it would be more accurate to say that we love to hate them—but this place is more than just a gym in Highlands Ranch you drop into a few times a week. There is a strong sense of community at Manic Training—as indicated by the many activities that take place outside of the gym. 

It can be tough to get to know your fellow Manic Training members with any real depth in a 60-minute sweat fest. That’s one of the reasons coach Scott Jones and founder Pete Beuth started a series of podcasts. There is seemingly no end to the inspiration we can draw from our fellow athletes, and Lindsay Fitzgerald’s story, which is one of courage and bravery, is no exception. Be sure to listen to Scott’s podcast with Lindsay for the whole story—and read on for some highlights.

Falling Out of Fitness

Colorado native Lindsay has been with Manic Training for just over a year. If you are an “early up” member, you probably know her personally. This mother of three young children—ages 10, 7, and 4—wasn’t unlike plenty of other women who fall out fitness because they are busy taking care of a growing family. Although she had been involved in cross country and soccer during her formative years, Lindsay cites the “black hole of parenting” as the main reason she hadn’t been active in a while.

Stints at Orangetheory and Burn Bootcamp warmed her up for the Manic experience, which she says has gone a long way to get her back into shape.

But this is where Lindsay’s story takes a turn.

A Frightening Diagnosis

When Lindsay was just 23 years old, her mother was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer. When her mother had testing done to find out if she carried the mutations of the two breast cancer susceptibility genes, and the results were positive, Lindsay decided to get tested as well. She learned that she too had these gene mutations, putting her at a high risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer in her lifetime.

In her twenties, Lindsay started getting annual mammograms and MRIs to ensure that if there was anything to see, it would be detected early.

This was around the same time she met her soon-to-be-husband Judd, and they talked about the ramifications of her BRCA+ results and what it might mean for her future.

A Difficult Decision

Last October, Lindsay underwent a preventive double mastectomy to greatly reduce her chances of developing breast cancer. She also had a reconstruction immediately afterward. This is a major surgery with a long recovery period, and a follow-up surgery was also needed a few months later to make cosmetic improvements to the area. 

Lindsay has made huge strides with her recovery in the ensuing months—and greatly missed her “away” time when she couldn’t be at Manic Training. She admits, “I was in a funk,” stating that even cuddling with her kids was off limits during the initial healing process.

She has returned to her workouts—albeit with some modifications from the coaches along the way—and feels pretty close to having made a full recovery. In addition to working out at Manic Training, she and her husband also participated in Ragnar earlier this summer with the rest of the Manic athletes.

“Beast mode” is a term we fondly label our fellow athletes when they are powering through a Manic workout with particular strength. We think it’s safe to say that Lindsay has taken “beast mode” to another whole other level!

Are you interested in finding out what Manic Training is all about? Sign up here for your free week trial. There is no other gym in Highlands Ranch that offers the same kind of workout you’ll find at Manic Training. And the community is pretty special too!


Maintaining Fitness While Vacationing This Summer

Maintaining Fitness While Vacationing This Summer

It’s one thing to get to your gym in Highlands Ranch consistently when you are following the same routine day after day. But summertime has a way of interfering with consistency—both in life and in your workouts. Maybe you’ve got some trips planned, and it’s easy to let your fitness get derailed. It doesn’t have to be that way! With a bit of planning, you can maintain your healthy habits, no matter where you are.

Pack a Jump Rope

A jump rope is easy to pack because it doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase. If you’re stuck in a hotel with outdated gym equipment—or no gym equipment—you can get a decent workout with a jump rope. (Here are some ideas for 15 jump rope exercises you can do.) Take the jump rope outside with you for a workout with a view!

Do Bodyweight Exercises

No gym? No weights? No problem! You can get in a killer workout just using your bodyweight. Squats, lunges, jumping jacks, push-ups, and burpees can be done anywhere. (Bunnies, anyone?!) Throw a few resistance bands into your suitcase for a bit of variety. A quick Google search of “travel WODs” will give you an endless number of workouts you can do while you are on the road.

Plan an Active Vacation

As we say here at Manic Training, “train in to adventure out,” and with the state of Colorado as our backyard, there is no end to the adventures to be had. When you make hiking, biking, rafting, or climbing the focal point of your vacation, you won’t have to worry about losing any fitness while you are away from the gym.

Watch What You Eat

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you need to eat like a jerk. Enjoy some indulgences while you are away but make good choices the rest of the time. If your hotel room has a refrigerator, take some time to hit the local grocery store to stock up on healthy snacks such as yogurt, fruit, and veggies. If you are on a road trip, pack a cooler with healthy options so you can avoid stopping at fast food restaurants.

It can be tough to stay motivated to exercise when you are on vacation, but with some planning ahead, you can maintain your fitness while you are away from your gym in Highlands Ranch.

Are you new to the area? Looking for a gym in Highlands Ranch? You can try Manic Training for a week for free. Find out how Manic Training gets its members “ready for life” with unique workouts you won’t find anywhere else.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Working Out With an Injury

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Working Out With an Injury

Injuries from workouts are a rare thing at Manic Training, thanks to watchful coaching to ensure movements are done properly. But sometimes injuries can happen from activities we enjoy outside the gym—or, y’know, from reaching up to get something off the closet shelf.

An injury doesn’t have to mean workouts need to come to a grinding halt, however. Here are some tips for workarounds when you still want to hit it at the gym but not impede your body’s ability to heal.

#1—Ask Your Coach

One or two of Pete’s whiteboards are almost always on display at the Highlands Ranch gym during workouts, listing modifications to work around injuries. Whether it’s suggesting lighter weights or a different movement altogether, Pete, Scott, Julie, Karrie, and Mike are always available to provide options for you. Just ask!

#2—Keep Your Nutrition and Sleep On Point

Never underestimate the body’s own healing powers. Give it the fuel and rest it needs to recover.

#3—Know When to Tough It Out

There is a difference between pain and a true injury; know the difference so you know when you should truly rest—or whether modification will work. Don’t let pain be the start of a slippery slope that turns a few days off into a few months—or even longer.

#4—RICE When Needed

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation—also known as RICE—is a great way to reduce pain and swelling and help to accelerate the healing process. (Note: Don’t use heat on an acute injury because it can actually increase swelling, making the injury worse.)

If you have been suffering from chronic injuries from your workout of choice, it may be time to give Manic Training a shot. Not only are injuries during workouts rare at this Highlands Ranch gym, but the workouts are designed to strengthen every part of your body to make it less susceptible to injuries in general.

Try us out for a week for free!

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