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Maintaining Fitness While Vacationing This Summer

It’s one thing to get to your gym in Highlands Ranch consistently when you are following the same routine day after day. But summertime has a way of interfering with consistency—both in life and in your workouts. Maybe you’ve got some trips planned, and it’s easy to...

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How Do Fitness Trackers Impact Fitness?

How Do Fitness Trackers Impact Fitness? Activity trackers have been around for a decade, with early versions such as the original Fitbit worn clipped to the waist. They have come a long way since then, and their popularity has only increased as they have become more...

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3 Tips for Starting Your Fitness Journey

Starting any journey is wrought with unknowns—and that includes starting your fitness journey. Whatever the catalyst that put you on this path—an unexpectedly high number on the scale, finding yourself uncomfortably out of breath after playing with your kids, or any...

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Staying Motivated This Winter

If you have been in Denver for a while, you know this already: It’s been a tough winter. Those of use who have lived on the Front Range for more than a few months have grown accustomed to lots of 50-degree sunny days in January and February, with a few days of 70...

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