Manic Training is a High Intensity Interval Training workout that utilizes a purposeful variety of exercises in an intense, meaningful, and fun way, making people of all fitness levels ready for the daily challenges that life throws at us. READY FOR LIFE!

The programming is designed to increase strength, power, work capacity and durability for real world challenges, through purposeful variety. These sessions use full body workouts and compound movements utilizing free weights, medicine balls, sandbags, Kettlebells, Airdyne bikes, rowers, Ski Ergs, ropes, push sleds and many bodyweight exercises… in many different formats, across all planes of motion.

The sessions are intense and challenging to everyone on many levels. Manic Training brings programmed sessions into a hybrid style of training. The Manic goal is to program workouts that challenge and benefit you in all aspects of athleticism for long term goals and improvement, to make you feel better, to perform better, to be stronger from the core out, and to make you look better naked!!


Dave Barnes

A serial entrepreneur in charge of franchising and franchise development.

Peter Beuth

Video and photography master, Coach trainer, and gym set up expert.