Injuries from workouts are a rare thing at Manic Training, thanks to watchful coaching to ensure movements are done properly. But sometimes injuries can happen from activities we enjoy outside the gym—or, y’know, from reaching up to get something off the closet shelf.

An injury doesn’t have to mean workouts need to come to a grinding halt, however. Here are some tips for workarounds when you still want to hit it at the gym but not impede your body’s ability to heal.

#1—Ask Your Coach

One or two of Pete’s whiteboards are almost always on display at the Highlands Ranch gym during workouts, listing modifications to work around injuries. Whether it’s suggesting lighter weights or a different movement altogether, Pete, Scott, Julie, Karrie, and Mike are always available to provide options for you. Just ask!

#2—Keep Your Nutrition and Sleep On Point

Never underestimate the body’s own healing powers. Give it the fuel and rest it needs to recover.

#3—Know When to Tough It Out

There is a difference between pain and a true injury; know the difference so you know when you should truly rest—or whether modification will work. Don’t let pain be the start of a slippery slope that turns a few days off into a few months—or even longer.

#4—RICE When Needed

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation—also known as RICE—is a great way to reduce pain and swelling and help to accelerate the healing process. (Note: Don’t use heat on an acute injury because it can actually increase swelling, making the injury worse.)

If you have been suffering from chronic injuries from your workout of choice, it may be time to give Manic Training a shot. Not only are injuries during workouts rare at this Highlands Ranch gym, but the workouts are designed to strengthen every part of your body to make it less susceptible to injuries in general.

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