3 Tips to Improve Your Running Game

Given that Manic Training’s mantra is “train in to adventure out,” it should come as no surprise that there are several races on the schedule for many members of this gym in Highlands Ranch this fall. Whether you choose to take your running out on the trail (HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Half Marathon) or stick to the roadways (Denver Hot Chocolate 15K/5K), here are some tips to help move you toward some PRs (personal records) this fall.

#1—Tension Versus Relaxation

Running efficiently means balancing relaxion and tension throughout the body. It’s important to be in the right spot so you can avoid wasting precious energy on side movements. It also helps keep you feeling lighter while you’re running—rather than just stomping on the ground.

Work on the appropriate posture while running. If you’re like a lot of us, you work at a computer and desk all day. This is tough on our posture, leading to shoulders that are hunched and a back that is rounded. If you run like this, you’ll get tired sooner rather than later. Aim instead for a tall, slightly leaning forward position.

#2—The Arm Swing

Don’t discount the role your arms and upper body play in proper running form. When your arms are swinging correctly, your legs will move forward with less effort. Just try to run with your arms at your sides, and you’ll notice how much more difficult it is to run this way.

Pull your shoulder blades together, letting your arms swing freely. Keep elbows tucked in and bent at about 90 degrees. Keep arms relaxed and avoid clenching your fists.

#3—Fancy Footwork

Running is different from walking; when you walk, you contact the ground heel first. But if you do this while you are running, you’ll end up over-striding—which is essential a braking mechanism. When you run, the motion should begin similarly to if you were stepping over something. Bending your knee will ensure it functions more like a spring rather than a brake.

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