What is MANIC Training?

Manic (Training) – (adjective) used to describe a state of being anxious and energetic, often resulting in physical activity at a rapid pace.

Manic Training is a high intensity interval training program (HIIT) comprised of a purposeful variety of exercises, that when executed in a safe, meaningful, and fun way, will make people of all athletic ability levels ready for anything that life can dish out…..We are READY FOR LIFE.

Strength + Durability + Work Capacity =

Manic is never a workout with just one discipline. Each workout consists of a variety of exercises that work various parts of the body in a multitude of ways. With an emphasis on core and cardio strength, the program certainly speaks to our slogan of “READY FOR LIFE.” High intensity interval training has been proven in studies to increase longevity rates, increase muscle gain, increase weight loss, and sharpen your mental acuity. For one hour, your mind is fully engaged with your body, living in the moment, training in the moment, as you pour all of your physical and mental focus towards the task at hand.

How is MANIC different?

Every Manic workout focuses on the key components of fitness – strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Manic workouts incorporate functional movements across all planes of motion with weights and exercises appropriate to your individual ability.

Is MANIC for me?

If you are seeking a safe, motivational workout, to be challenged and pushed past plateaus, with like-minded people striving to be in better shape to enjoy life to the fullest, then yes!

Why the FREE trial?

Most people know after the first class if they’ll ever come back. We want to give you the opportunity to try one full week before having to commit.

Your FREE week is waiting

I am ready for life…the MANIC way!

Manic Training, a program consisting of 3 workouts per week, exactly 1 hour each workout, incorporates a huge variety of exercises. With a continuously varying interval scheme, you will never do the same workout twice. Check us out in action!

Ready for LIFE

“Before I started training at Manic a little over a year ago, I felt my performance in the sports I love to compete at had completely plateaued. I had always set my sights on winning the downriver race through Gore canyon in my kayak and last fall I finally did. Not only did I win, but when I got home from the race I received an email from the race coordinator complimenting me on my strength and endurance, and asking if I had any desire to paddle on the national champion rafting team!”

Sarah Hamilton
Manic Athlete and Kayaker

“Just shy of 100 workouts at Manic Training, I never would have guessed that the results would be as drastic as they have been. After a debilitating knee injury while water skiing, and a lengthy recovery process, staying in shape for everyday activities is mandatory. Besides the physical benefits I truly have enjoyed the Manic format (I still haven’t done the same workout twice), getting to know other Manic members and have loved seeing so many other people push themselves.”

Rachel Short
Manic Member and Semi-Pro Water Skiing Fanatic

“I am a Xterra (off-road) Triathlete and have been doing Manic Training for nearly a year. I am stronger and faster now, having finished the Xterra Beaver Creek a full 15 minutes faster than my previous time!! Analyzing my training stats, I spent the same amount of time if not less training for it this year, while doing Manic 3x per week. I would without question recommend Manic Training to anyone looking to increase their fitness and to push their physical and mental limits, without taking up a whole lot of time in your day!”

David Kinzel
Triathlete and Manic Member