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What type of classes are offered?

While all these classes can be doing the same routine, the intensity can be changed depending upon class demographics, and through such means as varying music, number of reps/rounds, and periods of rest.

MANIC TRAINING - our most common workout, for those seeking to substantially increase their physical and mental fitness.

MANIC LITE - for those seeking to build a physical fitness foundation prior to taking on the full Manic Training workouts. This may also be a great workout for somebody coming off an injury or illness.

MANIC WEIGHT LOSS - for those seeking to lose a significant amount of weight.

MANIC TRAINING EXP - for those who possess a high level of physical and mental fitness and are familiar with most Manic exercises and are seeking to push themselves at a consistently higher level than ever. (This class will begin at each location at a later date, once fitness levels and exercise familiarity have substantially increased).

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