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-We love the community of Manic people we have become part of. Many people find themselves attending the same Manic classes each week. As a result you often work out with many of the same people. Over the days, weeks, and months you all have the unique opportunity to develop a camaraderie, encourage each other, and relish in each person’s successes. New friendships become commonplace, and frequently carry over into everyday life, outside of the Manic gym setting.

-Our program is a BS free experience, starting on time and ending on time, with no tolerance for interruptions, distractions, or slackers.

-You don’t think about anything except what you are doing...totally living in the moment, its a one hour vacation for your brain from your everyday stresses.

-Motivation from the folks working out right alongside you.

-Your results & seeing others results from when they first start (especially friends).

-Our instructors, keeping you safe and in proper form.

-Most of all, it is FUN! For many people, it becomes highly addictive! (How often can you call an addiction a great thing!?!)

World Headquarters

Address 2754 Downhill Drive
Steamboat Spring, CO 80487
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