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What can I expect to experience from each Manic workout?

Each and every Manic class starts on time and ends on time. You are expected to show up prior to the start of the workout to briefly stretch or roll out and be ready to go the moment the class begins. All workouts have elements of strength, cardio, agility, and endurance training, which utilize cross-body movements, and all planes of motion. Manic Training workouts are the quintessential core workout which speaks to our goal of being READY FOR LIFE. After each workout you are provided with the opportunity to cool down, stretch, or roll out. Manic Training workouts will significantly boost your caloric afterburn which aids in muscle recovery and weight loss (explained in the following article). Various studies have repeatedly confirmed these findings. In one such instance, “Researchers at the 2007 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine reported that subjects that performed HIIT burned 10% more calories in the 24 hours following activity.”

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