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  • After nearly two years of Manic, at 28, I still get my butt kicked three times a week and rarely miss a class.
    Manic was described to me early on inside the garage at Graham Muir’s home in Hayden as being addictive, and I eventually learned there are a number of reasons it is described that way. Manic helped me build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

    Matt Stensland
    Manic member
  • I had just turned 30 and still had some very big rugby goals that I wanted to accomplish and knew I needed to take my training and nutrition to the next level. I went to Bushy and asked him if he could help me work out a training program. His responses was simple, he asked me “Do you want to train, or do you REALLY want to TRAIN!”. So started my association with Manic Training.

    Michael Hurley
    Manic member
  • I’m a surgeon. It’s all about physiologic age. One year of Manic Training made me TEN years younger. This is keeping me in the game.

    Mark Hermacinski
    Manic member
  • The workout you get from Manic in one hour is most likely the best workout in town. I have been going for almost 2 years and the classes are always different and challenging. It’s about power, strength and endurance . Graham is committed to helping you achieve your goals and motivates you to give it your all during every workout.

    Jody Gale
    Manic member
  • Manic Training provides an AWESOME platform to improve your overall athleticism using tools and workouts
    that are unlike anything most of us have done in a typical gym setting. There’s a great level of intensity
    that becomes addicting to be a part of and don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking forward to the workouts

    Billy Van Ness
    Manic member
  • Manic training is simpy the best workout I’ve found for balanced overall fitness. It is high intensity calisthenics with a focus on core strengthening. Some days more cardio, some days with an emphasis on strength but always with core exercises. The work-outs are always great and never the same. Come find out for yourself. We all have fun and support each others workouts.

    Scott Kempers
    Manic member
  • I have been training at manic for over a year and as a result, at 54 years of age, my body is in the best condition its been in for over 20 years. The workouts are like a box of chocolates…….. you never know what you are going to get but you damn sure better bring your A game.

    Kim Tilley
    Manic Member
  • About a year ago a teammate of mine, Mark Hermacinski, found it baffling that I ran to our hockey game as a warm-up, and suggested I go to Manic. I did. And now, I am hooked. I thrive on the intense class format offered at Manic.

    Shannon Forbes
    Manic member
  • I have been doing manic for a year and a half, it is by far the best workout class ever. The Manic system does a great job of keeping it fresh and interesting. I go to Manic three days a week and I have never once had the same work out twice. I was never really into lifting weights but now I love it. I have noticed that my core strength has improved and my body is more toned than ever.

    Ashley VanNess
    Manic member
  • With manic, I notice results. I feel stronger, healthier, and more fit. I lost weight but gain muscle tone, strength and endurance. It has been a couple years since I’ve started Manic training. Over the last two years there have definitely been times when I have been just too busy to make it three nights a week.

    Anne Zoltani
    Manic member

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