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Matt Mayer

I was challenged by some friends to try Manic Training. I had just completed one of those “DVD workout” programs, and after starting Manic my goal was to see if I could even last a month. This was intense.
I had never worked out this hard before. It reminded me of suicide drills in basketball or 400 repeats on the track. But those things are boring and monotonous and just plain suck. Manic has variety. Lots of it. To me, that’s what I crave and what makes it fun.
During many workouts I find myself trying to go harder and faster than the guy next to me. You learn to push yourself, but you can’t always do it on your own. We push each other, and that’s how we reach our goals.
It’s addictive. At the Manic gym, it’s the Manic workout, the Manic way. No pampering, no coddling. Just a serious trainer that pushes you to work harder. Get in, get after it, get out. Whether it is improved jumping and agility on the basketball court or strength and endurance that leads to faster times in road races, at 39, Manic has me stronger from core to extremity than I have ever been in my life.
Thanks, Manic
Matt Mayer

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