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Joan Donham

Joan Donham

The other day I realized it has been 3.5 years since I started Manic Training, and I’m still loving it!

That’s surprising because I was never a fan of indoor exercise — and I have been to it all, from Jazzercize, step, circuit, to fat burner, spin and Zumba — I maybe lasted 2 months in each.

Manic is different. It’s fresh. Every workout is different. It’s challenging. You work hard to get through the session. It’s good energy, and I always feel great when I leave.
I love the feeling of being fit. To know at anytime I could go for a trail run, a long bike ride, a skate ski, work all day and dance all night, row my boat down a river, help friends build a house, earn turns all day in the backcountry, chop wood, carry water ….. you know, Life.

Manic helps me achieve this.
As the decades rolled by it was becoming more “challenging” to have fun on my weekend adventures, especially when all I had done all week was work and take a couple spin classes. Manic filled the void. Manic gives me the core I need for balance, confidence, endurance and strength.
Manic is a good idea for anyone who wants to stay in the game, whether that be competitive or recreational sports, work, chasing kids, or just living an energetic lifestyle.

Manic has helped me keep the age card tucked deep into my back pocket — cause I am not ready to play it quite yet!
Thanks, Manic. Thanks, Bushy.

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