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Jeff Snook

In November it will be 2 years since I began Manic Training. Back then I was not eating healthy, drinking and I weighed 200 pounds. I tried at-home workouts and going to the gym but I could not get into either of them. I needed something different, and I got it.
I remember one of the first exercises I did in Manic was a Turkish get-up. I was hooked.
Today, I am holding steady at 170 pounds and I feel stronger and more confident every time I get done with a workout.
Manic has taken my fitness level higher than its ever been, and now I bust my
butt every day because I know I can. Part of the excitement is walking in not having a clue what we are going to do that day. Graham keeps it interesting and moving the whole time. Just when I think I know all the exercises, Graham adds a new one or he takes an exercise and makes it more challenging.
To me, Manic is not about how I look — although it is nice to see muscles I have never seen
before — but about how great I feel and how well I do in the activities I enjoy. I was excited to see how Manic helped my biking, and was very happy with the results — I won the expert division of the 2012 Steamboat Springs Town Challenge mountain biking race series.
The people that work out at Manic constantly motivate and guide each other through the workouts.
We are in it together!
Jeff Snook

World Headquarters

Address 2754 Downhill Drive
Steamboat Spring, CO 80487
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