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Eric Dorris

Eric Dorris

I had never been someone that would do workouts outside of a particular sport or activity. But then — as an aging rugby player — I found myself in Bushy’s garage at the birth of Manic Training. It was like nothing I had done before — very intense. As Bushy’s vision evolved, so did the commitment to myself. I needed to get fit for life, not just for a sport or activity.

Now, years later, it has been great to see that I was able to stick to that commitment because it has been an overall lifestyle change for me. The ever-changing workouts have kept my interest. It is not only how the workouts change focus during the week, but the new ideas and techniques that are introduced. Still love the Turkish get-up the most.

The atmosphere at Manic is one that welcomes anyone but promotes hard work and effort. It has been great to see many other people transform over the years. Not just average people becoming more fit, but elite athletes becoming better at what they do. The people that end up sticking with the program check their personal life at the door and give it their all for one hour.

I’m 44 and probably in the best shape of my adult life. I feel sharper mentally, stronger physically, and have excellent overall health. Thanks, Bush.

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