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Manic Training "Top Gym" at New England Fitness Challenge!


On the night of September 28, 2014, a team of 14 members from Manic Training South County took on the New England Fitness Challenge, a 12 hour - 12 obstacle course beginning at 10pm and finishing at 10am on Sunday morning.  A benefit event, all money raised went to the Special Olympics, Jack Wiliams' Wednesday’s Child, and the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation.  After raising nearly $5000, team Manic Training went to work on all of the obstacles!  With a variety of cardio, strength, and strategy obstacles, Manic Training’s READY FOR LIFE mantra was truly put to the test.  Obstacles included alternately pulling a cement truck and flipping a large tire, to running a teammate in a litter through a course, to carrying a heavy wooden log along a course, to “Super Tag”, to moving a large sandpile from one location most efficiently using just a few shovels and 10 buckets, and many others.  Each obstacle required both physical and mental strength and put to the test, Manic Training’s concept of agility based core and cardio workouts to make everyone READY FOR LIFE.  Competing against 40 other teams from around New England and especially Massachusetts, Manic Training took home the “Top Gym” award for the best performance amongst all other gyms at the competition.  Such a strong finish provides further affirmation to Manic Training and to those who partake in our workouts of the value in being READY FOR LIFE.  Many workouts can make you physically stronger in the upper body, or can make you strong in the legs and lungs, but there are NO other workouts that provide the full body workout of both strength and cardio, beginning with the core, like Manic Training.  Congratulations to John Ford, owner of Manic Training South County, and to his team of 13 others, including Kevin Kielty, Brian Kroll, Amanda Grayce, Jenn O’Hearn, Peter Beuth, Seth Jacobson, Kevin Zelesky, Brian Sweenor, Steve Parker, Abby Deblois, Kristin Wilkes, and Howard Mahady for making us all extremely proud!

Manic Training also sponsored an obstacle at the New England Fitness Challenge, called the “Manic Log Carry”.  This required a team of 10 people to carry a log weighing approximately 250 pounds, up and down the field 11 different lengths, each time having a team member cross from one end of the log to the other while kneeling down with the log.  The fastest team to complete all of the different legs was the obstacle winner.  A few of the rules?... Once you picked up the log the teams were not allowed to put it down.  If a person crossing the log falls, they had to go back to the end and start over.  After the last leg, each team member had to cross across the log while the rest of the team held it.  40 teams later, it seemed nearly unanimous that Manic’s Log Carry obstacle was the most challenging with people complaining of sore shoulders, and remarking about the extraordinary core workout they received from it.  A special thanks to Dave Barnes and Graham Muir from Manic Training Steamboat for coming up with this great torturous obstacle!

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