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Manic Training Steamboat - 2014 - A Look Back

MANIC TRAINING has always been about pushing yourself to your limit, and then for those who truly want it, going just a little bit further. 2014 was the year that MANIC athletes did just that! We are READY FOR LIFE!

Penguin Plunge

Every year for the past 11 years the Penguin Plunge raises money for a different beneficiary, this year’s recipient was the Yampa Valley Medical Center’s new Womens Breast Health Center. Participants, also known as “fundraising penguins” jump into a swimming pool preferably in costume and swim to the opposite end. This doesn't sound so bad until you tell them this will be done in March, usually during a snowstorm or frigid temps, and that the pool has to be cut open by using chainsaws to cut through the ice!This year, Manic Training had 17 members raise funds to make Manic the leading fundraising team for this event.   


Thank you to Nelson Carmichael & Michelle Barnes who were the highest earners for the MANIC team.  We are all looking forward to this year’s Penguin Plunge!

Please go to for 2015 beneficiary info and how to sponsor a team or how to "take the plunge" yourself!


The Steamboat Pentathlon is a one of a kind winter event involving cross country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, running, and alpine skiing. It is one of the quintessential Steamboat Springs winter events that brings out the community, as well as brings out the athlete in all who compete. From the the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional, this race will not disappoint. If you are not familiar with this event there is only one way to do so, PARTICIPATE!!

Team Manic Training came out in force on this one, with numerous categories (short course, long course, etc), we had participation in each one. There were Manic athletes who had never snowshoed, and never nordic skied that competed, and we even came up with a new category. These particular gentlemen decided it would be a good idea to have the kids tag along. Each one of them had a burley trailer attached to them the entire race, with the exception being the hike up ski down. Want to keep the kids safe, of course.  We are all looking forward to this year’s Steamboat Pentathlon!

Registration is already up for the March 8th, 2015 Steamboat Pentathlon. For a full breakdown of each of the 5 events that this race entails go to

Codys Challenge


Once again Graham found a challenge for the MANIC team and they accepted! With just under 50 Manic athletes in the race, out of a total 158 competitors, some were experienced but most were participating in the Cody’s Challenge for the first time. This is an extremely trying event, and many participants found themselves coming well out of their established comfort zones. We had Manic athletes finish in the top 5, and we had athletes finish in the last 5, but the point is that they finished it and they did it with a smile. Consisting of several ascents, descents, traverse/skate sections, and a boot-pack section, this race was truly a test of both fitness and will-power. The perseverance of our athletes in the Cody’s Challenge is a testament to our mantra of “Ready For Life.”

This year we are aiming to send over 50 competitors to the race which will be held on Saturday, April 4th, 2015.

The Cody St. John Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in memory of Cody St. John, who was a professional patroller with the Steamboat Ski Area.”

For more info go to

A special thank you to the following people and businesses that sponsored Team Manic at this year’s Cody’s Challenge:

Samantha and Eric Rabesa - River Tree Custom Builders

Colorado Group Realty - Jon Kowalsky - Jon Wade Real Estate

Lynn and Andy Picking - Picking construction

Orthopedics of Steamboat - Andreas, Michael, Henry and Eric

Sunny Owens - Sunshine dentistry

Tour de Steamboat  - 112 MILES IS NO SMALL FEAT!

Who wants to do a road ride? Who wants to do a road ride over 3 mountain passes? Who wants to do a road ride over 3 mountain passes totaling 112 miles? Sweet! We are going to do it in 1 day by the way. We here at Manic Training signed up for this EPIC ride which is surely a very well run, very well supported benefit ride in our little town. While it was a benefit ride, we took it very seriously and set aside time during the preceding 8 Sundays leading up to the ride to train for the event. Once again we had athletes break out of their comfort zone and join us on 50-80 mile rides every Sunday. Some had never been on a road ride, let alone an actual road bike. We all finished and we all had a blast! Thank you to everyone who participated in this event! We will be back for more next year!

For more info go to

Honey Stinger - Riders and Runners

A 50 mile Mountain bike/Running race on the some of the best singletrack you will come across in Steamboat! We had solo racers, team racers and yes even a few of the hardiest of hardy Manic athletes who braved the whole 50 miles on the mountain bike and then did the trail marathon the next day. This was by far the hottest day of the year and Honey Stinger kept us fueled for the entire weekend.

For those at Manic that were unable to compete, we were able to staff an aid station each day and everybody had an absolute blast! Whispers from the grapevine were that Manic folks staffed the most energetic, fun, and obnoxious(in a goodway) aid stations on the race. Manic Training does not disappoint...ever!!

For more info go to

Manic Warrior Challenge  

Benefiting the American300, a nonprofit organization that supports our active duty troops around the globe, Manic Training held the inaugural “Manic Warrior” challenge and raised over $10,000 from over 150 participating athletes.  On a cold, frosty October morning that gave way to mild sunshine, we carried heavy logs, ran blind folded, dragged weighted sleds, rowed, biked, and hurdled our way through several challenges, smiling, laughing, and breathing heavily all the way.  It is our sense of community that binds all Manic athletes together and allows us to share in our Ready For Life experiences!  A special thanks goes out to Rob Powers for all that he has done and continues to do with American300.  Mr. Rob Powers, you are a true American Patriot!

America 300 Cheyenne Mtn - “Manic In The Mountain”

Commissioned in the early 1960s, and built to withstand the force and electro-magnetic pulse from a nuclear blast, Cheyenne Mountain Air Station is a fully working communications facility vital to our nation's security.  Over the years, many distinguished guests have visited the facility, taken tours, and obtained the obligatory photo-op at the entrance to the mountain complex.  NOT THIS DAY!  Manic Training teamed up with Robi Powers from American 300 to spend a day visiting the troops and thanking them for their service, often sight unseen to the public eye, and reiterating their importance to our great nation.  Manic Training founder Graham Muir, trainers Dave Barnes and Peter Beuth, in the company of Erin Simmons-Nemec a former Olympian and 3x X-Games silver medalist, put on two separate workouts for the troops to give them a taste of Manic Training and what its like to partake in a workout used by an Olympian!  We are forever thankful to all those who serve our country, and Manic Training will continue to support and recognize all that they do.

Rob Powers, head of American300, was awarded the “Spirit of Hope” Award for his selfless devotion to members of the Armed Forces. His zeal for recognizing the sacrifices of our troops whether they be great or small is no small part of the driving force behind this great new organization.  Rob Powers is a great American Patriot, and we here at Manic Training would like to thank him for his past service as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, and further, for his continued devotion to all those who continue to serve.  Well done Mr. Powers, and thank you for letting Manic Training help you along the way!

Seen above is Rob Powers, accepting his Spirit of Hope Award.



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