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Final competition details and rules for Saturday’s Scott Blair benefit

We have 20 rowers and 100 people who are ready to row a few thousand meters Saturday morning during the inaugural True Manic Blowout. All proceeds will be going to the Scott Blair Benefit Fund, and we just learned that proceeds of up to $5,000 will be matched by a very generous anonymous Manic donor.

Please arrive at the Howelsen volleyball courts by 7:30 a.m. You might want to allow a couple minutes to get checked in and to warm up. The competition will begin at 7:45 a.m. If the weather is not fitting we have Olympian Hall as a back up.

Each team will be assigned their own rower. The objective is to row the most meters during the 60-minute competition.

Team members will take turns rowing 500 meters. For most people this will take between 90 seconds and two minutes.

After completing 500 meters, the team member will run across the sand volleyball courts to their assigned cone and do five bunnies. For a $5 donation you can skip doing your set of bunnies. After completing the bunnies, run back to your rower and tag your teammate who will then begin rowing their 500 meters.

Here is a twist:

Between the rowers and the cones there will be at least five flags. You have the option of picking up a flag and placing it on another team’s cone if there is no one there already doing their bunnies. If you give a team a flag, both you and the other team have to do an additional five bunnies. The maximum number of bunnies anyone will do in a single set is 10. This means a team can only be given one flag at a time. Return the flag to the middle after completing your 10 bunnies.

If there is a flag waiting for you on your cone, you cannot pick up a flag to give to another team. There is space in some teams so anyone interested in joining in sign them up.

Even if you are given a flag, you can still pay $5 to skip your bunnies. Volunteers will be keeping track of this.

Your $50 Donation gets you one entry into the Draw. Additional tickets can be purchased for $10. Checks can be made out to the Scott Blair Benefit Fund. The draw prizes have been donated by several local businesses:

- A pair of 50th anniversary skis valued at $700 from Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp.

- Six, one-month memberships to Manic Training

- Freshies gift certificates

- SmartWool socks

- Multiple camping accessories from Big Agnes

- A massage from Jenn Stone at Awaken Massage Therapy

Honey Stinger has also donated items to fuel participants.

We have the park booked until 1 p.m. so feel free to use the grills.

After the rowing competition, we will take a quick group photo , and those that are interested can join us for a group road ride to the West Summit of Rabbit Ears Pass. It is a challenging ride, but overcoming challenges is the theme for Saturday. If you are at all intimidated, come give it a try. There is a huge sense of accomplishment awaiting you at the top.

See you Saturday morning.

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