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Dr. Laura Sehnert - New Mom, Physician, and Manic Addict

Manic Athlete Profile: Dr. Laura Sehnert

Age: 39

Occupation: Emergency Department Physician


1. What first brought you to Manic Training? 

It was time to lose the baby weight!  A friend convinced me to try it and I've been hooked ever since.


2. How long have you been at it? 

I’ve been doing Manic for 3 years with a break for baby #2.


3. What results have you noticed, in and outside of the gym?

My original goal was to lose weight and get in shape, but at the time, I had no idea how neglected parts of my body had been. I have always been strong, but in isolated muscle groups. I could run up a hill all day but I couldn't do a single push-up. Now I can not only do pushups with ease, but Atomic pushups, pull ups, sled pulls and other exercises I never dreamed of doing. I've always felt like I was a fit person, but Manic has changed how I look at my own fitness. It's not about running a long way or lifting heavy things, it's about feeling connected to my body, in charge and ready for anything!


I'm also a physician and I know the importance of having a strong core in avoiding injury. Manic keeps me fit so I can play safely.


4. How do you think Manic is different than other workouts?

I've been through a lot of different workout routines, from distance running to mountain biking to Yoga to other aerobic classes. What I love about Manic is it is as much mental as it is physical. The physical workout is amazing, but mentally, I leave feeling amazing as well. When I am in class, I am completely focused on what I am doing. There's no thinking about the other things I need to get done. I'm not looking at my phone. I'm not worrying about what else to do that day. I'm simply there for me and only me.  It's 100% MY TIME! When class is over, I'm physically spent and mentally ready for the rest of the day.


5. What keeps you coming back?

   I am 100% addicted!

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