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Cody's Challenge 2015 - The Manic Community


For the last several years, Manic Training has fielded a large number of competitors in the annual Cody’s Challenge, held at Steamboat Ski Area.  The Cody’s Challenge is a fundraiser in which proceeds go directly to the Cody St John Memorial Scholarship Fund, with scholarships being awarded to professional ski patrollers seeking to further their medical education.  This year’s event, held April 4, 2015, in memory of Cody St. John, a ski patroller and aspiring nurse, the Cody’s Challenge is a grueling radonee race covering 9.25 total miles, with a total elevation gain of 3769 feet and total elevation loss of 5,786 feet.  This year was the most successful yet, with 172 total competitors entered, and of those, Manic Training rallied a group of approximately 65 athletes to take part. Part of the Manic Training mindset is “Ready For Life”, and this event gives all participants a chance to come together, as a supportive, community oriented group while testing their individual mettle on the course, whether they are an experienced racer or a first-timer.  This event is one of several events each year where Manic participants come together en mass to support various major community oriented endeavors.  With 65 registered Manic participants, several Manic Training competitors placed in the top three in their respective divisions, and nearly everyone finished, an occasional gear-malfunction not withstanding.  It was a beautiful day, held in bright warm early spring sunshine with temperatures in the low 40s at the start, and in the mid 50s by the finish at the base of Steamboat Ski Area.  Each year seems to eclipse the prior year’s number of participants, and surely next year will be more of the same.  To that end, we here at Manic Training will continue our devotion to our health and our community, so that we may “Let us fortunate ones live the good life.”  Forever in our hearts and minds, Cody’s dedication to others will remain vividly imprinted in our thoughts as we look forward to next year’s Cody’s Challenge!


For further information about the Cody's Challenge, please visit their website:


For pictures, please see Manic Training's facebook page:;Y5GKV6a~_SjoxxICmV0orSe4~;Uaf~_nH8j3sSMfMLEOuZoEd4AUQY9HxSrGI~_jh6JK~_4OfRtxZMibMkzpQcKqIADgFKjCXHRxGXIKZLG8EBUALkqFowpkrTFCh4~;EyAVdSUiC2YHM6kbyADWFIIlrZgFNYfaLQ9uQAKlrRCwS49OXRP20i6q3yT~_IFgl~_sA3MtFsKDHhWktaIBvhC1I6klgo8gimL3EvQRYg68HknJALWjLAb3DwoMKRXTzBaNodlHsVmsBFCwxgyIIYtrGIZhbGLwfbQVAheuUeBMIFLYKAJ7WcXz5A~_DBHI55CE8bONy5C6bEOPUIKJjjzP2oPgumRFdhULDtwdTVFozpzuNg~_8roiWXzZ9CJYMJgOVeqdh45e6m9HyUAuWDaOktq9vIoQQJwlc~;~;57EDwgMqPqD36MfUGL0dCnrgeRSfRzeSRq1i2vL~;0RfB9jrgRRVf1ANQMMeFqdeCCSb~_H6QyIU0~-.bps.a.1071747166174253.1073741873.111538912195088/1071747199507583/?type=1&theater

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