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July, 2014 Posts

How to sign up online for Manic classes

Steps to Manic Training class sign up

**If you choose the “monthly auto pay”, you will be able to book classes up to 2 months past your expiration date.
**If you choose to pay manually month to month, you will not be able to sign up for classes past your expiration date.

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New Article on the Vail Valley Manic Training

sneakPEAK from Vail, Colorado recently profiled the new Manic Training facility of the Vail Valley and provided and great overview of one of the workouts.  Below is an excerpt from the full article, or you can go over to the sneakPEAK website HERE.

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Introducing MANIC LITE

Manic Lite takes the full Manic system and scales it down so individuals can gradually work up to the full program.  It is designed for those getting back into the workout “groove” or for those looking for something a little less intense.  Manic Lite is a g

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Newcomers…Read This!

Our goal is to provide all of our clients with the best possible workout experience. To achieve this, we ask that anyone new please call for the best available times to try a session.
Graham 773.729.0428

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A Morning at the Walmart

Most of us in fitness live in a sheltered world and over time that world becomes our reality. We go to work and are surrounded by people on a mission seeking fitness.

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World Headquarters

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